It's wonderful to see my dream of a cooperative network of HR professionals come true and I'm very proud that we're now the market leading HR franchise."
Sue Tumelty – Founder

Working with SMEs

A ‘can do’ approach to HR

Every business that employs people is likely at some point to need HR services and employment law advice. All businesses want their staff to perform well, have good attendance and timekeeping as well as to make a positive contribution to the company. Our services are designed to help employers achieve the result they want by telling them what they can do, not what they can’t. Whether it’s help with recruitment or redundancy or anything else a large corporate HR team could provide, The HR Dept can be of assistance, leaving employers free to put all their energy into growing their business.

Outstanding customer service

We take pride in our exemplary service but we always strive for continuous improvement. In our annual survey, we ask our clients what the best things about working with us are as well as feedback on how we can improve. In 2023, we scored 99% in our Client Satisfaction survey. However we never rest on our laurels and hope to better that every year. So if outstanding customer service is something you too believe in we’d love to see you come on board to help us exceed that!

Completely unique offering

The range and quality of services that our Licensees deliver to their customers set us apart from the competition. With the most comprehensive tribunal insurance on the market, our Licensees can reassure their customers should a case go to tribunal, that their costs will be covered if they’ve followed the advice of The HR Dept. Our wealth of Value Added services also set us apart, assuring our Licensees have the solution to any of their customer’s people problems. Anything from Payroll, to employee benefit management, and even our fantastic HR Dept Toolkit system designed specifically for SMEs to streamline their HR admin.

All of this is already in place for you. But what really sets us aside from our competitors, is that we’re not a call centre. We are experienced HR professionals, we don’t read from a script, we don’t sign customers up to lengthy contracts, our Licensees analyse the problem and strive to provide their customers with the best possible outcome, simply we tell them what they can do, not what they can’t.

Recognised as part of your client’s team

We see ourselves as part of the team. We’re always professional, but we’re friendly too. We’re practical and pragmatic and we talk in plain English. We are our clients’ HR Department and this is fed back to us again and again. Our aim is for long term relationships with our clients.