I feel richer now than I felt on my corporate salary, because of the freedom of doing things my way!"
Sarah Bradley – Leeds South

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I have the support of a network of HR experts and the central office team, and also the freedom to run my business how I want."
Omar Rashid Birmingham SW & NE With The HR Dept since 2017

Omar became a licensee in 2017. He graduated with a degree in Business Management and after doing a module on HR he found his passion and returned to do a Master’s in Human Resource Management. Omar then worked his way up the HR ladder, from admin to senior HR Manager level and has worked across public, private and charity sectors with a background in healthcare.

Why The HR Dept?

“I got to a stage in my career that I wanted to go independent and start my own business. After deciding I wanted to have more control and a bigger impact, I thought about setting up my own consultancy and then by chance I came across the HR Dept in an advert. I went to the discovery day which really resonated with me and I thought ‘this could be it!’ – the level of support that was going to be provided was the clincher for me. Running your own business is scary so knowing the support was there was invaluable. I don’t regret going with the HR Dept and I haven’t looked back since.”

What kind of support do you receive?

“Everything, from Marketing, Technical HR advice, Sales, Social Media, Finance, Coaching – it is endless and always available.

I feel like I get to have it both ways: the support and tools in order to build my business, and also having the autonomy to do what I want with it because it’s my own – it’s like a match made in heaven!”

What do you like most about working with SMEs?

“The variety – my background was in healthcare but now I get to work with everything from IT companies, to creative design or insurance firms, manufacturing, charities and more. It’s so broad and diverse and has even opened my eyes to what’s out there.

But more importantly, I like that they value the support and knowledge we have. I like getting to make a positive impact on each client’s business, it’s really rewarding.”

What is it like being part of The HR Dept Franchise network, having other HR professionals around you?

“I have the support of a network of HR experts and the central office team, and also the freedom to run my business how I want.

The support network itself is brilliant and the franchise were great when I was looking to join as well. I got to speak with some Licensees in and around my area and they were really helpful, giving me a great insight into everything, whether they were new or had been a licensee for years.”

What does your HR Dept future hold?

“There is scope for growth and expansion and that’s something I am looking and working towards.”