As soon as I first contacted The HR Dept I knew it was for me – it just felt right. Every day has been fantastic"
Ian Pilbeam – Edinburgh & The Lothians

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I had seen the HR Dept at an exhibition and was immediately struck by the strength of the brand and the clarity of its positioning. "
Fintan O'Toole - South London With The HR Dept since 2007

Fintan O’Toole has been a licensee since 2007. After many years working for major corporations he had taken time out to fulfil a personal ambition and qualified as a barrister. He then became established as an independent HR and employment law consultant and, after a year on his own, came into contact with The HR Dept.

“I had seen the HR Dept at an exhibition and was immediately struck by the strength of the brand and the clarity of its positioning. I made contact with the Central Office and within days was sitting down to discuss the details of operating an HR Dept office in South London. It seemed to me that The HR Dept offering would provide me with support that it would otherwise have been impractical or not cost effective to develop myself. That with the ability to offer tribunal indemnity backed insurance, is something I could not have arranged on my own  and clinched the deal.”

Ten years on

Fintan is one of our well established licensees. His business has grown substantially and he now has a team of six operating from offices in Sutton, South London.

“It takes time to get going and potential licensees should not underestimate the hard work and long hours that go in to building a business, pretty much from scratch. This is a referral business and new clients come predominantly through word of mouth. The pitch is straightforward and people get the “HR Dept” proposition in a flash. Having top quality marketing material from the Central Office as well as the support of a professional team enables us to concentrate on identifying new clients and delivering the service.

“Contacts and clients are impressed by the material we have on offer. Our monthly newsletter, written centrally and personalised to us as licensees is a case in point. I do not believe I could find the time to produce this on my own and certainly not with its consistency and topicality. It practically justifies the licence fee on its own!”


The next ten years

Fintan plans to continue growing. He has a sizeable territory which still has plenty of scope for development.

“I see the territory expanding over the next three or four years to between 200 and 250 retained clients. That will see us taking on additional resource here in Sutton. Having access to a range of other services such as an online personnel system, HR Dept Toolkit and HR Dept Employee Benefits give us an additional revenue stream and helps tie in our clients for the long term.

“I have appointed a Managing Director and taken a step back from the day to day running of the business. It adds real value to the business if you can demonstrate that it can run independently from you as the franchise owner.”


What Fintan finds most valuable about working with The HR Dept is the increasing strength of the brand which is now widely known and respected along with the interaction with other licensees around the country.