Being part of The HR Dept means I am able to offer tribunal insurance to my clients - something I couldn't have done on my own!"
Sheila Hudson – East Yorkshire

Case studies

What I liked about The HR Dept was the fact that they help you get started and give you support as you go along.
Belinda Newton - ExeterWith The HR Dept since 2010
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The ‘do you want to be your own boss?’ strap line struck a chord with me.
Jill Bottomley - Trafford and Warrington With The HR Dept for over 10 years
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I had seen the HR Dept at an exhibition and was immediately struck by the strength of the brand and the clarity of its positioning.
Fintan O'Toole - South London With The HR Dept since 2007
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I never dreamed I’d have taken on a second territory in month 9!
Deborah Witcomb - Southampton and FarehamWith The HR Dept since 2016
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I was ready for a new challenge and the idea of working for myself seemed like a natural progression and exciting.
Shelia Hudson - East Yorkshire With The HR Dept since 2008
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You can actually take a proper break, knowing that the support is there for your own staff.
Linda Percival - South Essex With The HR Dept since 2006
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Meet Sandra Porter

Find out more of Sandra’s career journey, why she loves working in HR and helping SMEs, the advice Sandra would give to SMEs and what makes The HR Dept Elmbridge different.