It's a great feeling knowing I'm making a difference to my clients' businesses. They really feel like I'm part of the team."
Tracey Hudson – South Warwickshire and Rugby


Work for yourself, but never by yourself

If you are an experienced HR Professional and looking to take the next step in your career? Look no further! As a HR Dept Licensee you can become your own specialist HR business owner in your local area, using our successful tried and tested franchis...


HR Professionals more ambitious than the average UK worker

Credit to you guys! As HR professionals, you’re per this nationwide survey more ambitious than the average UK worker. 83% of HR people consider themselves to be ambitious. And so you should be. Because nobody is going to get you where you want to b...


Five stars for The HR Dept’s Licensees

Marketing your business is so much easier when your services sell themselves. Our HR professionals and business owners pull out all the stops to provide their customers with the solutions to their people problems, every day is a day to save the day! ...


42% of HR professionals yearn for a good work-life balance

That means almost half in the profession feel they work too long and see their families too little. Not great news then for parents, carers, and others who’re becoming exhausted by the corporate lifestyle. HR professionals tend to be the ones spend...


Sales Training

When recruiting new Licensees, we often hear the same sort of fears from the start “but I’ve never sold anything before – does this matter?” the answer is of course, no. Here at The HR Dept, you are not necessarily selling something speci...


Who franchises?

It’s an interesting question, are there particular characteristics that belong to successful franchisees? For our opportunity, applicants must have the crucial experience to deliver the quality HR service to their customers that our brand is so we...