I feel richer now than I felt on my corporate salary, because of the freedom of doing things my way!"
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Annette Launches The HR Dept Hertford and Hatfield

After a varied corporate career, Annette Tyler has taken an opportunity to start The HR Dept Hertford and Hatfield, providing outsourced HR services in the local area which also includes Hoddesdon, Cheshunt and Ware.

Before her new venture Annette spent more than 25 years in a rapidly growing insurance group, working her way up through the company after starting as an executive and HR assistant.

During that time, she covered secretarial, operational, generalist and strategic HR duties, alongside studying at college and eventually becoming HR director. Her former role gave her accountability for decision making, with the responsibility of working under her own steam. This stood her in good stead to run her own HR business.

Having worked for a small firm which grew to become a relatively large one, along with overseeing the staffing issues which came up as a result, Annette feels she truly understands the importance of a good company culture and treating people fairly and the benefits that such an approach can bring.

Through her experience, Annette feels there are common themes running through successful businesses – good ethos and working culture, as well as proper rules and regulations around those. She recognises that companies do not have the luxury of an in-house HR professional which is where we can help, allowing business owners to concentrate on their core activities while supporting their staff.

Born in London to Irish parents, Annette has independent business ownerships in the family, with three brothers who run their own two independent local businesses and a father who set up his own construction firm in Ireland when she lived there as a child. Being brought up in an entrepreneurial environment has encouraged Annette to go out and do her own thing.

Annette is looking forward to helping her local business community work through any issues so they can grow and prosper. She said “Obviously, it’s exciting, and new, and a step into the unknown. There’s a lot to do and, while there are opportunities for expansion of the company over the next couple of years, I’m going to take each day as it comes.”