I feel richer now than I felt on my corporate salary, because of the freedom of doing things my way!"
Sarah Bradley – Leeds South

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What are the Benefits of Joining an HR Franchise?

Prior to joining The HR Dept, I had worked for a national supermarket chain for 16 years as Regional Manager. I was in a well-paid, permanent position, with all the job security, pension and perks that go along with it. 

So why did I leave to join The HR Dept and set up my own franchised business?

Well first, my corporate job meant I had to travel around a lot for work, staying in hotels, often up to four nights a week. I wanted to be able to spend more time with my family, manage my own schedule and workload, without having to report to anybody else. My priority was making sure that the next chapter of my life was going to be all about me and my family. 

Setting up as a licensee with The HR Dept franchise has allowed me to launch a successful business in my own time and on my own terms. 

Without the franchised platform of The HR Dept I think it might have been a very different story. 

Supporting You to Make Those First Steps

The HR Dept offers business support from day one. Even before you set up, the central office will provide you with all the fact sheets and documentation explaining how to register as a company. 

The pressure to dedicate loads of time and money into these kinds of mandatory but alien tasks is alleviated because the majority of the necessary resources are supplied for you. Accounting and business coaching is covered, and materials such as business cards and banners were taken care of so you can get out networking straightaway. 

Of course, another benefit of that is you don’t have to worry about a logo or name for your business, as the brand is already established.

As well as covering branding, your marketing is continuously supported by The HR Dept’s central office – their in-house team covers blogs and written content, which you can then bespoke for your individual business needs.

All the Advice and Training You Could Ever Need

The HR Dept’s induction process provides extensive sales training to get you up to speed with products, packages and pricing, and also allows for an opportunity to establish connections with the central team. 

When I first joined, I spoke with other licensees to talk about what their first few years with The HR Dept were like. They were very honest with their approach to me, and that exposure to their experience was incredibly eye-opening. Having that awareness has only made my business stronger. 

With so many expenses covered such as business support, marketing materials and sales training, setting up as a licensee actually works out far more cost-effective. All the resources you need are supplied for you, which not only saves you money but also the valuable time it would have taken to source these tools solo.

The HR Community

Setting up your own business without a support structure in place can be overwhelming.

With The HR Dept, you really do have the advantage of safety in numbers – we’ve got a really good network where we bounce off each other and talk through things. There might be someone with more experience in a specific area who can offer their advice to everyone else. You’re never alone as a franchisee, and I think independent HR consultants can often feel very much alone, especially in those first few months. 

You also benefit from the business exposure of each other, as we work in territories. Sometimes work comes through in a territory that’s already taken up by somebody, and because of the network and the agreement that we all have, that work is passed along to the relevant director and the right territory, an advantage independent consultants don’t have access to.

In terms of business growth, joining up with a franchise has paid dividends. I started back in November 2018, and I’ve now got a team of five working in our second office. During October 2021, I went to sleep on Sunday night with 20 existing clients, and woke up on Monday morning with 89. The effect that the pandemic has had on business did have a part to play in that due to the high demand for furlough support, but I put a lot of that success down to being part of a franchise. 

How You Can Get Involved

Contact the franchising team

The franchising team will book you in to attend a discovery event, where you’ll be talked through the next steps of the process and offered the chance to sign up as a licensee. 

Contact other licensees in your area

Make sure you connect with other licensees around you to establish that rapport with the people you’ll be working with.

Get out and about

The rest is simple – with the backing of a well-known, established brand behind you, get out there and sell your business to start your journey as a HR Dept licensee.

About the author 

Lee Monroe is the The HR Dept Franchisee for Mid and South East Wales.

If you’re interested in becoming a franchisee, you can find out more here.