My highlight of being in The Network is looking back at what we've created over the years. I've tried to create a business that I would like to be employed by and that's what's really special!"
Nigel Finch – Wigan, Manchester & Liverpool

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Spotlight on Peter Mcdonald

Peter McDonald recently celebrated his first anniversary as an HR Dept licensee. In this spotlight interview he revisits his reasons for joining our network, and reflects on the highlights and challenges of the first year in his Aylesbury & Central Chilterns territory.

What attracted you most about joining The HR Dept team last year?

Awesome question, as I decided to change rather a lot in my life. I returned to the UK after over 35 years in the corporate HR world, living abroad, to be closer to home and family. I also wanted to be part of a strong HR professional franchise, as opposed to setting out on my own. Hence I bought a territory.

What have been the highlights of your first year as a licensee?

First, my thanks to the team at the central office. They helped and supported me early on with setting up and getting established. You could say they planted the seed and I have then had to do the watering and nurturing of my own territory; knowing they are there to support and help whenever needed: THANK YOU.

Then there’s this small group of HR Dept licensees who I collaborate with – they are just amazing and have been coaches to me along the way. Last but not least, there was a partnership formed with Albert. He was the person I used as a reference check, about The HR Dept, before I signed up. Albert and I struck a chord that we hope will see our joint venture grow with time. It’s early days still, but an amazing opportunity for us both. We are both ably supported by the wonderful Helen.

Are you ever asked any HR questions which amuse you?

There are many but the best one I think was: “Why do I have to have contracts for my team?”

I am amazed at the number of SMEs that tend to run their businesses by the seat of their pants. I am working with clients, proactively supporting them to put in place the very solid yet basic aspects of HR, such as solid contracts, policies and an employee handbook