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Hear from the Founder, Sue Tumelty

We speak to Sue Tumelty, the founder of The HR Dept to ask her some questions about the franchise.

How did you come up with The HR Dept name?

When I first started to do interim work I traded as Sue Tumelty Services Ltd which was obviously not going to set the world on fire, Once the idea of providing services to SME’s was developed I realised we needed some branding and I went to see a company who, at that time were called Studio 6, explained what I wanted to offer and John said “So you are the HR Department” and the name was born. We got the domain name and Studio 6 became the first retained client. All those years later they are now called Six and are still a client and the name is brilliant because we do what it says on the box.

What was the driving force behind starting The HR Dept as a franchise?

One of our USPs is providing a local and personal service and when the HR Dept in Bristol started to get enquiries from further afield we needed to find a way to meet the demand. Franchising was a way to expand quickly without increasing the direct costs to the client.

Did you have an initial vision for The HR Dept, and how is that different to what you’ve built now?

The vision was to build a cooperative network of HR professionals providing services to SME’s. I don’t think I ever envisaged it becoming as large as it is or as cooperative and dynamic.

Where does your passion for HR come from?

I love business and people, and I truly believe the people in the business can drive it or if badly managed hold it back.

What makes the HR Dept different to other HR franchises?

The initial and ongoing support in all areas, finance, business planning, marketing, sales , employment law, IT. We never rest on our laurels we are the market leader and we will remain so.

What do you see next for The HR Dept?

Building the health and safety business in the same way and of course an even larger HR Dept.

Do you have a message for any HR professionals considering the HR Dept?

It has to be right for you and you for us, so ask all the questions you can think of and then some, we will answer honestly.