I certainly have no regrets at all, it's the best thing I ever did. I kind of wish I'd done it sooner."
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Spotlight on Sharon Gregory

Sharon Gregory is our licensee for Winchester. In this Spotlight interview, she shares her wide HR experience with us and what appealed about joining The HR Dept. Sharon also reflects upon her secrets to success and the challenges of working during the lockdown.

How did your HR career begin?
After some initial temporary work, the role of personnel assistant came up at St Stephen’s Hospital (now the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital). I loved working in a hospital from day one – the community, camaraderie, ‘people’ challenges, sense of family. My last role in the NHS over a decade later was as deputy director of HR at Guys and St Thomas’ NHS Trust.

The employee relations experience I gained in those years was invaluable, but I was ready for some commercial experience. I am an entrepreneur at heart and I love working in the SME sector, supporting business owners on their journeys through growth and innovation.
I have now worked across almost all sectors and industries, but would probably say I favour professional services sectors where the ‘product’ is ‘people’ not ‘widgets’. I love working in companies where most employees are as passionate and enthusiastic about their work as I am!

What is your secret to success?
I have a huge amount of stamina and energy. And I find it easy to step back and think about the bigger picture. I’m adept at engaging those around me in my vision and ideas generally. I am also fiercely loyal, and so my clients always have my complete attention.

What attracted you most about joining The HR team?
The client base is made up of business owners just like me; and so I find it easy to relate to them, and share my experiences. I love the variety that ‘learning’ a new business gives me, and the complete lack of predictability in my days. Like lots of HR professionals I suspect – I like to feel needed and valued – and when you are the standalone specialist adviser to a business, it definitely ticks that box!