It's wonderful to see my dream of a cooperative network of HR professionals come true and I'm very proud that we're now the market leading HR franchise."
Sue Tumelty – Founder

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The advantages of franchising

Deciding to set up your own business is a big step, whether you decide to go it alone or become a franchisee. Before you make that decision, take a look at our top advantages of joining a franchise.

The advantages of franchising


Unlike starting from scratch, a franchise will already have a national presence and recognised brand name. This means they will have established a strong place in the market, thereby giving potential customers a better awareness of you and your business from the outset.

Proven Business Model

A franchise will have been in the industry for a considerable length of time, meaning they have had time to see what works and what doesn’t. As well as providing you with knowledge and expertise in the areas you may not feel strong in, they have tried, tested and learned from their experience already, so you don’t have to make these same mistakes.

Invaluable support

When you decide to come on board, the franchise will deliver an extensive induction and provide you with the resources you need to set up your business. The support doesn’t stop there! A head office team will be able to provide you with on-going support throughout your business journey, along with experts in the fields you may need help with, such as marketing, operations, finance and IT.

As well as a head office team, you will have the support from a whole network of franchisees who have either already been or are going through the same journey as you.


When setting up a business there is a lot that needs to be established. This can be anything from creating the brand to providing valuable resources and marketing material. By joining a franchise, most of these resources are already available to you and therefore save you time and money.

Being your own boss

Franchising gives you the opportunity to become your own boss without you having to ‘go it alone’. Although establishing your own business requires time, you can often fit it around your lifestyle; by setting flexible working hours for yourself or hiring a team to help you out, for example. Franchising also gives you the opportunity to step away from the corporate lifestyle and become an independent business owner.

If you are thinking setting up your own HR business, get in touch with The HR Dept to find out about more about our franchising opportunities.