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Spotlight on Sarah Bradley

Sarah Bradley started with us in September 2018 and is the director of The HR Dept Leeds South. In our spotlight interview, Sarah shares her background with us, her biggest HR challenges and her secret to success.

How did you get into HR?

I studied psychology at university. When I left I wanted to work in a role that would involve understanding people at work. However, there were no graduate entries into human resources 20 years ago.

So I joined the graduate scheme at Morrisons to become a general manager. Six months into my training I saw an advert for trainee personnel managers, and asked to join. They were sad to see me transfer trainee schemes, but saw how hard I’d worked and were happy to transfer me.

Three months later it was my first day as a personnel manager with a staffing structure of 98 employees. I was being told by a member of staff that she had grandchildren older than me, and that’s when the fun began!

What has been your biggest challenge since working in HR?

Coping with delivering endless restructures. I had a six-year run of redundancies, year after year, in my former role. I often instigated them and always fully supported the business goals. But it was draining when they came one after the other.

What is your secret to success?

I never stop learning. You’ll always find me with a motivational book or management guide close to hand. I soak up all new information and make sure I apply it.