It's a great feeling knowing I'm making a difference to my clients' businesses. They really feel like I'm part of the team."
Tracey Hudson – South Warwickshire and Rugby

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Territories are being reserved fast!

Licensees with The HR Dept need a free territory within which to operate. Using the territory system, our Licensees unlike many other franchises don’t compete with one another. Instead, each supports and even partners with their neighbours in growing their business.

If you want to become a Licensee therefore, it goes without saying that you’ll need a free territory! One that’s exclusive to you, that only you can market too. Already in the New Year we’ve seen huge demand from HR Professionals wishing to reserve their own in anticipation of joining The HR Dept. Already East Cotswolds, Fingal in Ireland, and Birmingham SE and NW territories have been reserved by HR professionals due to start in the next couple of months!

If you’re thinking about starting up your own business with The HR Dept, it’s worth checking which territories are free where you are. Felicity Down, our Recruitment Manager is on hand to discuss the options available to you, so why not drop her an email or give her a ring