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Insights: HR Professionals

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42% of HR professionals yearn for a good work-life balance

That means almost half in the profession feel they work too long and see their families too little. Not great news then for parents, carers, and others who’re becoming exhausted by the corporate lifestyle. HR professionals tend to be the ones spending time out of the office and travelling the breadth of the country for meetings, all this is clearly taking its toll on the UK and Irelands HR professionals.

Time here is operative. New parents often want to spend more time at home, professionals close to retirement look for opportunities that allow them to stay local; all have turned to us to help them build a business in their local area. Why is this such a good option?

Because you can choose to work the hours that suit you. If you’d rather work in the evenings so you can pick the kids up after school, you can. Your business fits around your life, not the other way around. Being flexible doesn’t have to come at a price either, you’ll be able to build a successful business if you follow our model and enjoy a good income in return for your hard work.

Building your business is a challenge, but it’s made easier by the fantastic support you’ll receive from the central office and the 60+ strong network of HR Dept Licensees who have been through it all before. We’re a collaborative network, we all support each other and that’s what makes us different. Far from working on your own, this could be the biggest HR team you’ve ever been a part of!

If you think this could be for you we urge you to read our brochure. It gives you a proper introduction to The HR Dept.