As soon as I first contacted The HR Dept I knew it was for me – it just felt right. Every day has been fantastic"
Ian Pilbeam – Edinburgh & The Lothians

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Who franchises?

It’s an interesting question, are there particular characteristics that belong to successful franchisees?

For our opportunity, applicants must have the crucial experience to deliver the quality HR service to their customers that our brand is so well known for, we’ve helped a whole range of diverse and different HR professionals to set up under The HR Dept’s brand.

Our network of 60 HR professionals mainly came to us after long corporate careers but amongst our ranks we boast a couple of singers and a couple of amateur dramatic performers! We’ve also helped ex-forces personnel to set up their own HR businesses who’ve come to us after long and successful careers in the military.
Eamonn Gibney, our first Licensee to operate in Ireland spent years with the forces. No stranger to a challenge, he launched and firmly established The HR Dept brand in Ireland, forming a path that other Irish Licensees would soon follow. With a loyal customer base and a growing network of Licensees around him, the Irish network is going from strength to strength.

“In the first month of being a HR Dept licensee, following the guidance of the central office and utilising those “transferable skills” I secured my first two clients.”

But it’s not just skills or experience that draw licensees to our franchise. It’s the desire to be in charge of your own destinies, to build something, and to use their HR skills to help their local business community. So many enquire about our opportunity saying exactly the same and it’s our job to give them all the information they need to make the right decision.